Building… a builder. And Fennec nightlies !


Since last Sunday I have had some time to poke around and get familiar with the Mozilla community and projects in general.  I managed to build Firefox at school on the Fedora machines in the open source area and also at home on my Windows 7 64bit machine.  While the Fedora build process seems easier I actually had more trouble figuring everything out on it than I did on my own machine on Windows.  Ehren Metcalfe helped me figure things out with yum and some missing libraries.

After the build on Fedora I gave it a try on my home PC on windows.  It took a little bit to figure it all out and install all the prerequisites but once I had that I only ran into one problem.

On windows 7 you must run the start-msvc9.bat shortcut as administrator in order to have permissions to complete a build.  Otherwise you will get a “Bad file number” error in the build shell. Also if you have windows 64bit don’t use the 64 bit batch file just use the 32 bit to build with (recently updated on build page in bold).

Fennec nightly and windows desktop version

I got onto the nightly ftp server and tried out the fennec-1.0b4.en-US.win32 build.  This build is made specifically to run right on your windows desktop so you can try out the browser within a windows PC environment.  So if you don’t have a windows mobile phone you can still test out the current release right on your desktop.


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