processing.js on iPhone

processing.js iPhone

processing.js iPhone

Just for kicks I had to check out what my tests would look like on my iPhone to see how much JavaScript is supported on the iPhone.  It rendered this processing code ok but it did have trouble doing an image with text in it.  My shorten tests drew the rectangle box with a border but no text.  It could be because it tries to load the font Arial and that might not be on my phone since its Safari.

processing.js moving animation on iPhone

processing.js moving animation on iPhone

Yes ! those round circles in the image were moving and floating around the menu area of the page.  I wish i knew how to take a short movie of whats on my screen on iPhone to post an animation of it.  The picture doesn’t do it justice really.

If anyone wants to see what their processing creations look like on iPhone feel free to post a comment with links to your creations.  Id like to test out a few and see what it can handle.

One thought on “processing.js on iPhone

  1. Cathy

    Not too sure if this will work but the mac class uses a simulator to test their iphone applications. Perhaps you can also use that to try it out.

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