processing.js test creation template


I noticed that there was lots of tests for some of the work the people in my dps909 class are doing for processing.js but they seemed to be all over the place and all different in design.

So I created a html file for a basic template layout for anyone who wants to make some nicely laid out tests that are all a consistent design and format.

I got this idea from looking at Andor’s tests for mag() and splice() and I immediately saw that it would be useful if everyone followed a similar format for making their tests and included source code for the test at the bottom of the test. So i followed suit and used the same format for my shorten() test.

The template is posted on the processing.js wiki page for others who want to use it.  You can just copy the text into a html file and change what is necessary.  I also added a table for tests everyone has created so that we can reference each others tests all from one location.

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