processing.js unhex() and GITHUB


I’ve got a 0.1 version for unhex( str ) working and a test to check what happens when you have a hex string that is larger than 2^32 as well as normal values.  The native java client overflows and returns a remainder of n % 2^31 which is expected.  I expected a hex string of 8 digits to be red green blue alpha but its represented as alpha red green blue so that kinda threw me for a loop in my tests.  The other interesting tidbit was that fill() in processing.js doesn’t seem to accept int’s properly yet I tried fill(255) and fill(65535) etc and all I can get is white squares printed.  I’ll have to look into this more tomorrow.

I’ll have to do a little more testing tomorrow after work and then its on to digging in to nfc() and nfs().

I also signed up for GITHUB tonight and got through the install and setting up a fork and learning a bit about the whole process.  Thanks to Anna’s blog post about how to setup GIT and connect to the repository I was able to do it with only one or two little snags.  She has another great post about how to make your first contribution to the repository once you’ve written some code.

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