FSOSS, research paper, and 0.2


It’s been a few days since I’ve written anything so I think it’s time to write a bit about whats been happening over the last week.

I attended FSOSS (Free Software Open Source Symposium) at Seneca College last Friday and got to see some presentations on some really nice topics.

In short, heres the list of the presentations I attended

  • 9AM – Creating a Twitter Widget using Processing.js (Alistair MacDonald, Hyper-Metrix.com)
  • 10AM – Ranking the Bugs: Predicting Which Will Get Fixed (Diederik van Liere, Rotman School of Management)
  • 11AM – A View from the Gallery: JVM Alt, Languages (Newman (Scott) Hunter, Fuel Industries)
  • 1PM – Coping at the scale of Mozilla: Open Tools (Taras Glek, Mozilla & David Humphrey, Seneca College)
  • 2PM – Open Source for Fun and Profit: Making a Career (Khalid Baheyeldin, 2bits.com, Inc.)
  • 3PM – 3D in the Browser… More than just Doom (Catherine Leung, Seneca College)

The processing.js and 3D in the browser presentations are what I’ll be writing my research paper on which will be coming in a few days and a link will be provided.

As for my 0.2 i’m working away on completing nfc() which I set aside for 0.2 so i could work on a bug in nf() and add a feature to fill() instead for 0.1.  I’ll be adding some more functions to the list of things that will be included in my 0.2 release over the next few days.

That’s all for now, back to my paper and midterm prep for tomorrow.

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