Working towards 0.2, getting code for 0.1 checked-in


Over the last few days I’ve been reading over the specs for some of the remaining functions that still need to be ported for the processing.js project.  I noticed a few under the calculations category that haven’t gone anywhere with the individual who had taken them on a few months ago.  So I decided at this point it’s probably safe to say they wern’t going to get done and I would take over on them. So I picked up exp(), log(), map(), asin(), acos(), atan() for 0.2.

I completed nfc() last night and posted up my code for it in my snippets section on my wiki page and I added it to our table of code that needs review from Al that is ready for check-in.

I also took on the task of being responsible for coming up with a solution for a standard on how we will submit our processing code for review from 0.2 – 1.0 in the future.  Right now one of the most inconvenient things Al has to go through is finding everyone’s code that needs to be checked in so he can review it and either provide feedback or approve it.

So for the short term our 0.1 work has been posted on the processing wiki page in a table with links to our work and for next weeks 0.2 release I will be coming up with a solution to make it easier for all involved.

If anyone has an ideas drop me a comment or email or talk to me on IRC. I’ll be discussing a solution with Al over the weekend.

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