Lighthouse tracking application for Processing.js


Spent most of Saturday helping F1LT3R setup a new bug/feature/issue tracking web application for processing.js.

It’s called Lighthouse and if I was to describe it i’d say its a simplified bugzilla bug tracking system.

But what is a bug ?  A bug is not just a broken feature in a piece of software it’s  anything that has to do with a change that can, will, or might happen to a piece of software.  A bug can be a request for a new feature.  It can be a problem report for a crash issue.  It can also be a request to change the way something works or fix something and make it better.

Improvements, Innovations, Implementation, and Invention.

So what’s the purpose of Lighthouse exactly then?  It’s to allow us to use a centralized location to start tracking processing.js changes, bugs, feature additions, and improvements.  Most importantly though its a way for the community to be able to know what everyone else is working on and to bring the community closer together.  It’s also to help F1LT3R in the review process as well.

I wrote up a short tutorial on how to use lighthouse to place a ‘Ticket’ (tickets are bugs, milestones are due dates for deliverables) for processing.

F1LT3R also wrote an intro on how the project workflow should go and how to go about implementing your own work on processing.

I think in the future we plan to tie Lighthouse into Github as well.


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