Processing.js 0.2 release


My 0.2 release has been pushed to git hub for review by F1LT3R  !

After 2-3 days of trying to figure out git I finally managed to get everything right and push up my changes.  Thanks to Matthew Lam for showing me how to delete my old fork it was giving me issues.  Once I did that I was able to refork the latest code and then clone, commit, and push the new stuff up.

In the process of banging my head against the wall to get git working I stuck all the commands into a word file so I would remember how to do it later for future releases.  I’m going to post a 2nd blog post after this tonight with a step by step guide to go from having nothing on your PC to downloading, updating, and sending changes up for review.

A full guide to the whole process.

Here’s a quick list of what I added in my 0.2 release.  Full details of the patch are here


  • nfc()
  • log()
  • exp()
  • tan()
  • asin()
  • acos()
  • atan()

I coded the map() function as well and then realized later it was already in the library but it was never erased from the list of remaining functions to be coded.  My code matched up with what was already in the library exactly though so I knew what I did was correct and that what was already there was correct.  I wrote a good test for map() so I’m confident what is already in the library is ok.


  • nf() crashing with infinite loop
  • color() for 1 argument passed in that has a value outside 0-255 it will be interpreted as a color and not a grayscale now

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