‘SixthSense’ technology could change everything


Cellphone in your hand ... literally

If you’ve never heard of TED its a small non profit organization devoted to hosting short 18 minute talks on some of the most intellectual, ground breaking, and informative ideas going.  TED stands for the three worlds it brings together: Technology, Entertainment, and Design.

I downloaded the TED app for my iPhone a month ago or so to watch some of these presentations on the bus on the way in to school or listen to the audio presentations while at work because I find some of them totally fascinating.

One of the most recent presentations I saw was for a device called the ‘SixthSense‘ gesture interface device.

Its being developed by MIT media lab by Pranav Mistry.

The idea behind this technology is to be able to interact with physical objects around us in the digital world.

  • Imagine being able to just make a gesture with your hands to take a picture and then walk up to any surface and display your pictures on it and manipulate them.
  • Imagine being able to take a piece of paper and pinch a paragraph of text and then drop it onto your computer screen and have it appear.
  • Imagine being able to dial a phone number from a keypad on your hand.
  • Imagine being able to pickup the newspaper and see a photograph turn into full motion video related to the news story.

Video on the newspaper

Now imagine if that technology was open sourced to the world to grow and develop.  At the end of the presentation Mistry mentions that the technology will be open sourced and as soon as next month possibly.

This could easily be the next big thing in how we harness the power of information.

Its hard to explain it in words because I’ve never seen anything else like it.

Check out the video of the demo and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

After you watch the video check out their website and read more about it.

What an excellent idea for an FSOSS presentation in the future.

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