My Great White vs Killer Whale 0.3 patch


After a few snags with how to solve a few issues between Java and JavaScript I am ready to put my 0.3 patch into review-requested mode.  Here is a quick summary of what I’ve added for this patch release.

  1. copy()
  2. blend()
  3. blit_resize() helper function for blend and copy
  4. intersect() helper function for blend
  5. filter_new_scanline() helper function for blend
  6. filter_bilinear() helper function for blend
  7. blendColor()
  8. rgbaToInt(), mix(), peg() helper functions for blendColor
  9. blendColor() blending modes : replace, blend, add, subtract, lightest, darkest, difference, exclusion, multiply, screen, hard_light, soft_light, overlay, dodge, burn.
  10. screen()

A test for blendColor() is up right now but I can’t test blend and copy until I get PImage code from Anna.

The code is currently posted to my wiki until PImage gets pushed into the library.  Then I can test some of the code that I cant right now.

Be back in January for 0.4-1.0 next semester !

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