0.4 and triage for processing.js


Well some significant work has been underway over the past week on processing.js by the community.  The goal for release 0.4 was to triage all the patches waiting to go in and check them over for missing implementation, demos, and formatting issues.

I’ve been reviewing a bunch of functions myself and passing most of them up for super-review.  A few didn’t make the cut and have been reassigned to be reworked or recoded for future releases, some got blocked by dependencies, but most of the work I’ve looked at has been good to go.

And then the flu hit me.  I’ve been off my computer for 2 days now basically sleeping non stop fighting off the flu I picked up from my niece.  She’s the cutest little plague monkey ever.  She managed to infect 3 of us with it.  I’m 90% back to myself now though and trying to catch up on 3-4 projects I had planned to finish over the weekend.

Lots of new stuff has been checked in over the last few days. More will come by 0.5 release


Processing.js 0.4-1.0 project plan


I’m back from a well earned vacation over Christmas break and I’m ready to dig in to the 6th semester workload.

As for DPS911 I’ll be continuing my work with the processing.js team and community towards having a 1.0 quality release version for the end of April.

That will involve a new ‘0.’ release every 2 weeks starting with 0.4 next Friday

Here is a rough starting point for what I personally have planned for my release schedules.

  • 0.4 – Peer review others 0.2-0.3 code which is not checked in yet and polish up any tests I’m missing from my 0.3 work
  • 0.5 – Code the Filter() function
  • 0.6 – Code the long datatype
  • 0.7-1.0 – XMLElement type.  Including the 8 methods that belong to the type.  Approx 2 methods per release.

This is just a rough plan for now until I can investigate the work level required and more may be added for 0.7-1.0 depending on the amount of work or complexity of the XMLElement object. I also suspect the long datatype will either be extremely simple or extremely complex so more content may go into 0.6 or some extra triage or review help might come into play for that release.