0.5 processing.js release contribution


Sat in on this weeks processing.js status call and got a few things sorted out on where to go with the rest of my stuff for release 0.5 and made some plans for 0.6 which was good.

After the status call Anna was nice enough to teach me how to really use Github and how to manage branches, commit new code, and checkout.  It was a HUGE help and as a result I’ve gotten my code fixes for 0.5 up on Github and ready for review.

A quick summary of my 0.5 work.

  1. Rewrote hex() to support all the required functionality.
  2. cleaned up helper functions relating to hex that were no longer needed and exposed to processing code
  3. Rewrote trim() and added recursive support for arrays of strings. or arrays of arrays of strings, etc, etc.
  4. reviewed Andor’s sort(), and binary() functions
  5. Wrote tests for hex(), and trim()
  6. and cleaned up some library code variables that were reserved words, and some duplicate function definitions

I’m preparing to add PImage for 0.6 and its going to be a MASSIVE undertaking. It may span 2 releases to get it all in with proper tests.

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