0.6 The plan to implement PImage into processing.js


Now that 0.5 is pushed up and under review I’ve turned to re-planning my 0.6 release to include PImage.

Originally blocked because of plans to implement asynchronous image loading I brought up the fact that PImage was about 75% completed and there was a large chunk of code that was being held back by it being blocked by the async idea.  So I’ve been tasked with the responsibility of bringing PImage back into the code along with all its methods.

The great thing about PImage code is it has methods for copy, blend, filter, mask, get, set, loadpixel, updatepixel.  All of which are methods for the language as well and some of which are already implemented in a basic or completed form.

Hopefully since I have already worked on PImage code a while back I should be able to relatively quickly (read 2-3 days of work) be able to get it in and start testing it.

The wrench in the works

Apparently PGraphics is something that is currently holding back 3D development past 0.6 so it’s been mentioned that PGraphics should be implemented first before PImage.  Although I am not sure why as in the java code a PGraphics object extends a PImage object so I’m not sure why a PImage wouldn’t come first singe a PGraphics inherits variables from PImage.

The goal is to find out this Thursday on the conference call.

More to come

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