Corbanman and Wonder Anna: My github heroes


Battling the evil forces of Github

Over the last 2 nights I have spent approximately 326 hours trying to fighting with Github to get my work sorted out on my repository.  After several hours of getting no where and actually managing to go backwards and completely destroy some of my branches I get a message from Anna on IRC asking if I need help.

She dove right into it helping me figure out what was going on and helped me get back to square one.  For those of you who follow the Processing.js project, Anna is our current project manager and already has enough stuff on her todo list without having to take time out to help me with Github.  After about an hour we got stuck on a problem with updating my master branch and She sent me to Corban for help in that department.  Corban Brook is our resident git expert and is helping oversee the Processing.js project with Al MacDonald.

To make a long story short another hour passes and Corban has helped me get my branches all updated and sorted out.  I documented all the steps for each scenario from checking out branches to merging in changes after each release.  Corban went through each scenario with me and made sure I was good to go for the future with updates and merging.


The plan is to take my documentation now and include it on the lighthouse site for others to use as a reference for the different Github use case scenarios

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