Processing.js conference wraps up in Boston


Sitting in the Boston airport waiting for my flight so I decided to put up a post on this weekends get together in south Boston.

For the first time a group of about 20 individuals from the Processing.js development team got together in Boston with some professionals from all over to meet and discuss Processing/Processing.js.   I got a chance to meet a ton of really smart people behind the Processing project and the technologies that support it.

Friday evening I got to sit in on a talk with a panel of professionals from all different companies and organizations.  Al MacDonald led the discussion which included Ben Fry who was one of the original creators of the Processing project, John Resig who started the Processing.js project, Chris Blizzard from Mozilla who is chief evangelist, Dave Humphrey my professor of open source at Seneca College, and Corban Brook from University of Waterloo.

Saturday we held a group workshop to brainstorm ways to improve performance in everything from Processing.js to Mozilla’s canvas implementation to the community learning experience for newcomers.  The objective is to get sketches running in JS as fast as they run in java applets in the browser through native processing.  We made some major improvements and 0.9 and 1.0 is when those changes should start emerging.

Sunday we wrapped things up with more bug fixes and improvements.  I worked with Anna on an IDE for processing.js that is built in Bespin.  We implemented syntax highlighting and passed it on to Al to pretty it up for use on the PJS website.

Overall it was an awesome weekend and a huge thanks goes out to Bocoup for hosting it and for all who came to present and help out.

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