Processing.js 0.9 wrapup and reviews


0.9 will be coming out in a few days and I’ve submitted my work for this release as of last night for review

Some big changes are going into this release related to PImage objects

I changed the way a PImage holds its pixel array internally to use an ImageData object instead of an array of ints.  This means a ton of expensive overhead math is eliminated when drawing frames in a loop and manipulating pixels

Initial tests on minefield and chrome showed sketch’s with animation or pixel by pixel manipulations in a loop were between double and triple there previous speeds. My resize loop test used to run in chrome at about 50-70fps it now runs at 200-240fps.

I did some reviews this release as well for Anna’s hue, saturation, and brightness fixes.  I also wrote a few new tests and rewrote some old ones to test the new color() implementation to make sure it worked ok with PImage stuff.

One more release to go !

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