Presenting Processing.js at OCE discovery 2010


Early last week a group of us from Seneca got a chance to present some of our projects we have been working on in the Center for Development of Open Technology at the Ontario Centers for Excellence Discovery 2010 convention in downtown Toronto.

One of the projects we focused on demoing was the Processing.js project.  We competed in the student connections competition which had us do a 5 minute presentation on Processing.js.  Over 1600 students had entries in the competition and we were selected to compete in the top 5 at the convention.

Although we didn’t win it was an excellent opportunity to show off what p.js can do and what its all about.  While working the booth for the 2 days of the convention we had several people come up and ask about processing.js and quite a few people asking about p.js on iPhone and how to get into developing with it as a replacement for flash because of it being blocked on the iPhone and iPad.

It was an excellent conference and presented lots of opportunities for us to showcase what we have been developing over the last 8 months.  Hopefully next year we will get a chance to present again.

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