Processing.js 1.0 released!


It’s been a long time coming but the Processing.js team has finished up the last of the tickets for 1.0 and we are proud to release Processing.js 1.0.

You can download it here.

This release includes a ton of features which have spanned through the internal 0.9.8 release and the 1.0 release combined.  You can read the changelog here.  We closed over 100 tickets for this release and spent a considerable amount of time on documentation, tutorials, website updates, and other user and community support infrastructure to make it easier for the end user to experience Processing.js.

If you haven’t had a look at the Processing.js website lately you will see that the exhibition page has been updated with some new examples of Processing.js in use around the web.  The learning tab has been updated to show some new tutorials on how to use Processing.js and some new IDE’s that have popped up on the web over the last while.

Check out the new exhibition entries and the new interactive development environments.

The reference pages have also been updated by Anna over the past week or so for new users and old who want to look up information on the language.

Another major milestone for this release is to provide some initial support for the IE9 beta.  It’s got 1 or 2 issues which we have bugs filed on but for the most part it works very well.

In terms of speed this release has also improved significantly in some areas.

Try it out and show us your work around the web!