Continuation with Seneca


It’s been a busy first four months of 2011 for me finishing up my last semester for my Bachelors degree in Software Development at Seneca but it appears to be worth it.

Now that I’ve graduated I’ve taken a position with the Office of Research and Innovation at Seneca in the Center for Development of Open Source Technology for the next year working on some projects with industry partners.

Some of them will use Processing.js in part and others will be other technologies. At this point that’s about all I can say though.

One of the things thats been holding me back from blogging besides limited time availability has been the fact that I’m waiting on one last grade to officially _officially_ be able to state that I am graduating.

Part of the reason for this was a final project I have been working on for a professor that includes two processing sketches for use with his course website to help teach game programming students the basics of vectors and matricies. Specifically how vector notation works and what the notation means visually.  The sketch shows how a vectors coordinates change. As you move the head of the vector around it updates the vector notation in realtime and shows the angle of theta. The second sketch is a matrix multiplication calculator that lets the user type in values for two 4×4 matricies and then press the calculate button to see the result of multiplying them together.

I used standard HTML input boxes and then with JavaScript and Processing.js I take the numbers and multiply them out and show the result in a matrix on a canvas.  Sure I could have done it in pure JS and made it simple but I wanted to make use of Processing.js and the canvas element so that I can add more functionality in the future that shows an animation of how the math works to get the result for each piece of the matrix.

This week I continue work on a few projects here at CDOT. One being a game using Processing.js and another being a dashboard app that will show status of the projects going on at CDOT.