Hello my name is Daniel Hodgin and I am a graduate of the bachelor of software development degree program at Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario.

Here is a little information about myself. Find my full resume on the resume link above or click here.


  • Bachelor of Software Development Degree
  • Diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Diploma in Computer Networks Engineering Technology


  • To work for an organization as a programmer with options to advance my career over time.
  • Expand my skill portfolio and explore new technologies along the way.
  • To teach at a college or university in the future.
  • To further my education and skills to keep pace with an ever changing industry.


  • Experience in the Windows 7, Server 2008, Vista, XP, Mac OSX, UNIX, and LINUX operating systems.
  • Programming experience in over 10 languages.
  • Database management and SQL knowledge
  • Excellent problem solver
  • Innovative thinker
  • Passion for project management and design