The following are some of the skills I have obtained while completing my two diplomas and my degree.

  • Accounting – Business accounting, problem solving, analyzing statements, amortization schedules, calculating interest.
  • Interpersonal communications – Speaking, oral presentations, teamwork, teaching, and conflict resolution.
  • Business presentations – Preparing formal visual and oral business presentations, preforming interviews.
  • Web programming – Windows, UNIX, ASP.NET, Perl, PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Processing.js, web server setup.
  • Business requirements analysis – Gathering business requirements for system design, UML modeling, working with clients to design, implement, and deliver a system.
  • Data communications – Studying data communications, TCP/IP, OSI model, packet structure and transfer, network design and implementation, subnetting.
  • Hardware management – Building, troubleshooting, and planning computer systems, CRM system deployment.
  • Business and technical writing – Writing technical documents, end user documentation, building help systems.
  • Canadian business – Business plans, starting a business, managing people, forms of business ownership.
  • Law, Ethics – Corporate social responsibility, ethics in the workplace, code of conduct, Intellectual Property, copyright.
  • Marketing – Marketing plans, marketing strategies, marketing mix development, branding, product development life cycle
  • Information security – Software security, abuse cases, penetration testing, risk management and analysis.
  • Project management – budgeting, procurement, risk management, communication, RFP’s.