0.7 processing.js update


We are one week away from the deadline for 0.7 content for the next release.  I’m still crippled by a few issues holding back a lot of work on PImage but today I took a sidestep and got a little work done on a few other tickets i’ve had looming for a few weeks.

I completed a re-write of arrayCopy to support multidimensional arrays.  arrayCopy will only copy arrays with the basic primative types but it will handle arrays of arrays of those types recursivly.  supporting copying of custom class objects is something the user would have to write support in for in their sketches.

I also completed the long data type.  long was already supported by the library we just needed some tests to make sure it worked properly.  I wrote up a test to make sure it handled 64 bit numbers properly and didn’t cause any overflow issues.  You can properly cast a long to an int as well provided the long is within the range limit of an int (32 bit).

A couple of other misc fixes for bugs in some of my tests got fixed as well.

I’m hoping to get more progress done on PImage next week when school resumes and people get back from vacation that I need to work with.